MFA Project, Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

AlterForum was a collective exploration of socially engaged and participatory practices that culminated in the Alteration exhibition.

A fluctuating group of 12 artists met on 6 occasions over the course of 2013. Following a series of potluck dinners, members participated in presentations, workshops and discussions concerning the evolution and purpose of participatory art and socially engaged practices in the contemporary art world.

This shared research experience helped to inform an exhibition titled Alteration. The works in this exhibition reflected upon the ways in which AlterForum discussions related to or altered each artist’s thinking and/or practice. For more information about the AlterForum project or the Alteration Exhibition, visit our website.

AlterForum was co-founded by SaeJin Choi & Keeley Marie Stitt
Alteration was co-curated by Keeley Marie Stitt & Sarah F. Maloney

The Portal
966 Govan Road
Glasgow, UK
9/03/2013 - 9/07/2013
Part of the Glasgow Masters Series